Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Hello Blog World

I am a first time blogger, but there is much on the internet that inspires me. I want to be able to share and collect images of pretty things, fabulous design and generally speaking, things that influence my creativity. I kind of have home decor on the brain lately as my partner and I are drawing up plans for a straw bale house. So without any other idea of how to start this off here goes: things I love...

From LivingEtc. Eco Style Gallery, i love a long farm style table with enough random chairs to feed all my friends. We love to entertain

I LOVE this tub, as well as anytime typography is used in home decor. Swedish photographer, Patric Johansson has some fabulous work you should check out.

The image at right was responsible for the redesign of our almost settled upon house plans, i begged for a wider greenhouse room space so that I could recreate this. Photo from my new favorite book Flea Market Style.

My new hobby is creating terrariums, which wonderfully combines my love of hiking (I've been gathering moss and ferns from the 165 acres we live on) and thrifting- searching endlessly for bell jars, cheese covers, glass cake plates and other glass treasures.
God I love stripes... and yellow

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