Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elegant Spook

Oh Martha, how I heart your elegant take on Halloween, getting inspiration for my Halloween Party that I've spontaneously decided to throw this Friday

Monday, October 19, 2009

color by numbers

hat box, florals and shades of blue

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well, Polaroid, it's about time..

If you've not heard of the Impossible Project, be sure to check out there website, I've been following this project since the beginning. Heard this BIG news tonight:

"Already holding the first working hand-coated samples in our trembling hands, we are pleased to herewith announce an epoch making cooperation between Polaroid (who can no longer resist the stir we are making) and The Impossible Project:

The new licensee of the Polaroid Brand – The Summit Global Group – will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010."

I'm still hording a pack of Polaroid Time Zero and Spectra film... and eagerly awaiting the purchase of my first pack of new instant film!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Market Day

mmmm Asian long beans and concord grapes... beautiful fall day for the market.. apple cider, chicken of the woods, smoked chevre, and butternut squash... i think athens has the best farmers market ever.

Friday, October 2, 2009

On the Farm

This lovely collection of images was shot by own of my co workers, Susi Rankis at her home down in Vinton Co. They made me smile and I wanted to share them with others.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A lovely night for a stroll

I guess Fall's here. Looks like he snuck in the back door and made himself comfortable while no one was looking. Took a walk with Piper tonight over to the lot where we will build our first home. We ran along the wooded hill, counting pawpaw trees, and trying to see of the squirrels had left us any chestnuts. But they were good squirrels and not a one could be found. We met a turtle and imagined where we will plant the fruit trees. A truly lovely evening. Here's a few photos I took tonight.

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch...

Crafting had yet again kept me captive for the month of September. My parents came down a few weekends ago to keep me company at the Pawpaw Festival. My mom and I sold crafts together for the first time and it was wonderful. I wish we had longer together but the visit was nice and a lot of people came through our booth. I sold all of my elephants. Auguste, Eduard, Marie, Jolie and Sabine have new happy homes and I must get on top of making more. My Pawpaw Plushies didn't sell as well as I'd hoped they would- I sold out in a few hours last year!! Oh well, save making them again next year I suppose. Check out www.playingelegant.com for custom orders.

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