Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitty Come Home

My favorite friend in the whole world is missing. Billie Holiday is my four year old black cat and she disappeared Friday night. She likes licking my ice cream bowl clean, decapitating small rodents and leaving them on the bathroom floor, playing with sycamore seeds until they explode, walking under my feet, perching on the wood pile, sitting on my laptop when I'm trying to type and going on walks in the woods. I really miss her so much. I keep waiting to hear her scramble up her kitty ramp into our bedroom window. Kitty come home -- we miss you!


Geisslein said...

Oh now - how horrible! In my thoughts I am with you and I hope so much for you, that your cat will come home SOON!!!!!

Lauren said...

oh my goodness!!!! :( she will come back soon!!!!! big hug to you!!!


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